We’ve have been fortunate to work on many interesting projects, providing clients from many different business areas with voice over services. Please listen to the following samples to get an idea of our range, technique and ability. If you would like any further information on any of these projects, or would like to get in touch about a new project, please don’t hesitate to contact Us.

Children’s Rhymes Voice Over

Five Little Monkeys Sample


Hey Diddle Diddle Sample


Humpty Dumpty Sample


Chinese Language Voice Over


French Language Voice Over

French Female Sample


French Male Sample


German Language Voice Over

German Female Sample 1


German Female Sample 2


German Male Sample 2


Commercial Ad Voice Over

Star Po Commercial Ad


Star Jingle Oil Commercial Ad


Star Namkeen Commercial Ad


Star Water Commercial Ad


Bus Announcement Voice Over

Bus Announcement English Female Sample


Bus Announcement English Male Sample


Bus Announcement Kannada Female Sample


Bus Announcement Kannada Male Sample



E-learing Voice Over

Voice Over Sample 1


Voice Over Sample 2


Voice Over Sample 3


Voice Over Sample 4


Voice Over Sample 5


Voice Over Sample 6


Voice Over Sample 7



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